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Mozi Wash: Case Study

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Mozi Wash: Case Study

Mozi Wash came to Sweven at the perfect time for them to enhance everything about their brand. Being a laundry detergent brand that wanted to separate from the crowd in the best way possible, we had to step in to determine the best approach here. The best way to do this was by incorporating a brand revamp, which in turn made it feel more modern with a minimalistic feel. From branding materials, package design, to new content that can be used across any medium or platform, we tackled it all in order to better enhance sales performance.

Brand Identity

Mozi Wash had simplistic branding from the start, which we felt could use a little more love. To achieve this, we had to begin with the basics and build out some guidelines so that way everything has a consistency throughout the brand.

We continued with the logo and made sure to utilize the same concept from before through several iterations. The droplet logo can be used as an element that helps the brand become recognized with the thin outline that matches the full logo mark, which is where the minimalistic vibe comes into play for the brand.

Along with the logo came the color palette, which Mozi Wash had already developed through the current scents. We added some primary colors such as a faded black and washed white in order to keep the current colors as secondaries which help accentuate the brand and keep a consistent look.

We felt it was necessary to include some brand elements that could help elevate Mozi Wash’s brand further, so we added in some gradient textures in the same color schemes as the secondaries, gradient bubbles, various icons, as well as film overlays that express the dirt and grime that Mozi Wash helps to eliminate through every wash.

Package Design

Not your average, everyday, household laundry detergent.

For the Mozi Wash bottles, it was crucial to keep a similar consistency with the previous bottles to ensure customer retention and to not stray too far away from the style.

We chose to include the new outlined logo mark along with multiple thin lines on the bottle to separate the backside with information. One key difference between the old and new bottle would be the side of the bottle where we highlighted Mozi Wash’s name various times to give it a more modernized aesthetic.

We wanted the elements on the entire bottle to match the branding to a tee, but also remain visible from a distance. We made sure to include a QR code which scans and takes you straight to the website when running low on product for the ease of consumers.

The label sits flush in the middle of every bottle whether the 24 or 48 load size and each scent has its own color way to match the scent profile. We had to create a design that would help Mozi wash still remain recognized, but with a stronger impression at first glance.

Content Creation

This is where everything began with Mozi Wash and Sweven. We initially were partnering to create content for all forms of mediums such as social media, e-commerce and advertisements.

We decided upon doing a full photoshoot for the e-commerce side of the brand along with a lifestyle / creative studio photoshoot. This was important to do considering Mozi Wash didn’t have many high-quality assets to go off from the start of our project together.

We made sure to utilize the brand’s secondary color ways which were the scent profiles and shoot the matching color of the scent profiles to the backdrops as closely as possible. This color blocking system helps to make the new package designs “pop” in a strong way.

When shooting for a product like laundry detergent, it’s important for the consumer to see visually what the product truly is. So to achieve this, we shot some lifestyle pieces in the studio using actual hands and people without the product being by itself.



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